Importance of art exhibitions for young artists

Art exhibitions have been around for quiet some time. They have given artists around the world the chance to showcase some of their art pieces and also auction the art to the largest paying customers.

Unlike in the past, where auctions happened annually in specific area, you can actually do it any day of the year today.  Museums and art venues may have specific days for showcasing art from well known artists which gives other artists less chance to shine. Thanks to tech development and social media growth in the past decade, artists now have the chance to advertise their art to millions of people on any day of the year.

Here is why you should put your art in an exhibition

You will get to showcase your work as a beginner

Social media Galleries and online art exhibitions are great for beginner artists who are looking to showcase their work. As a beginner, or young artists, you are given the chance to show case your art and can also get recommendation from professionals on where to improve to make it more captivating to the audience.

You learn how to install and present your artwork in photographs and other forms

This is the opportunity where you get to learn different ways to present your artwork, and which one suits your style best. Presentation and art installation are very important parts of marketing; work that is poorly presented will not have buyers. As a photographer, painter of sculptor, you get to learn how to hand your work, what materials to use and how to make the art more original and captivating.

You also learn important tips about artwork pricing

[S.k1] How do you set the prices for your art? this can be a very difficult decision especially for a beginner. Art exhibitions give you the chance to learn more about pricing and how the prices are set. You get to understand how art pieces ae valued and why certain sculptures, painting or photographs have different values.

Learn how to write about art

Most galleries provide exhibition catalogues to young and beginner artists. These catalogues are great for helping artists to learn how to describe their art you can also learn how to write an artistic statement representing yourself from such catalogues. They have some outstanding examples of descriptions written by other artists to help you learn how to create compelling statements and strong headlines for your art.


Frankly, exhibitions offer great opportunity for publicity. You get to showcase your art to art lovers as well as other artists. Some artist and companies go checking for the next big thing in the art world, and you never know when luck will be on your side. The more people see your art pieces the greater the chance of selling them.

 Opportunity for networking

Openings and art exhibitions give the artist a chance to talk to or communicate with other artists, some from different parts of the world. This also means you get to check out artistic trends from different parts of the world, new art styles and more.


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