How I Sold my sell art online – tips for selling your art pieces faster online

Selling art has to be one of the most difficult part about being an artist. Due to the competition, it can be difficult for a beginner to make some cash off their paintings. I had to learn the hard way that Marketing and selling art take a lot of time to and effort to master.

Here some things I did to sell my pieces online faster

Create a website

There are endless hosting platforms that can allow you to create your own website for some art. look out for platforms that specialise in hosting websites for artists because they likely have features that support you selling your art.  While most websites charge an annual fee, it is affordable to most artist. One thing you have to make sure of before you sign up is that the websites offers you some ecommerce features.

Adding a high quality and relevant description on my art pieces.

I learnt that following your art with a detailed description will allows people to better understand it and what it represents. You need to write a detailed and poetic description for the art no matter where you intend to upload it. In some cases, the words can captivate the art lover and this could help you sell your art fast.

I started a blog

All forms of art have a story behind them. Starting a blog is a great way to tell your story. Get a website that has blog page integrated to facilitate this feature. You do not have to write long stories to connect with the readers and art lovers. The only thing you should make sure of is to post regularly so you can have regular clients to connect with.

Just like other platforms, if you are inconsistent with the blogs you may lose many followers. Blog about your inspiration as well as your art and your artistic process to keep more people interested.

Sell through social media

Thankfully, to artists today can join many social media platforms to sell their art. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Tumblr, and Pinterest are among the leading social media platforms. They give you a chance to connect with millions of other people from different parts of the world.

Social media platforms are not the same, and might work different when it comes to advertising art. for instance, Instagram and Pinterest will put you on the map as an artist because art is more celebrated on these types of platforms.

It’s not just about posting your art pieces and selling them; you have to be sociable and connect to your followers. Commenting back, liking your follower’s art and more will earn your more respect as an artist.

Online galleries

There are endless galleries to pick from when it comes to advertising your art. Online galleries give artists the chance to showcase their art pieces to millions of art lovers. Joining a well-represented gallery will get you closer to more art lovers and well-known artists.

Final word- Stay positive

Staying positive will go a long way into selling you art. Art is more than just a way to earn a living, it is an expression of self and an escape for others. It is very important that you celebrate the success of your art company, exhibition, sales and pending work no matter the size.

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