About Us

What is martineperret.com?

Hi, my name is Martin Perret, owner and creator of martineperret.com. This is a global entertainment and multimedia publish that focuses on information and news about art, culture and everything related. I am devoted to giving you information about art and promote art in several ways.  Our aim is to help you experience art in new ways.

Our mission

One of my main missions is to provide you, the reader with an endless access to culture and art. I want to connect you to a large network of information, ideas and people who are generally very much interested in art. The main focus is on information about online art, how to sell it, how to acquire art and overall concerns about art and tech.

The team

First, let me mention that all members of martineperret.com and everyone involved externally is extremely passionate about art and we want to see it evolve. martineperret.com is made of a team of artist, professional curators, collectors’ visual artists, and art teachers who are extremely informed about art collection, art pieces, art market trend, and art galleries (including online art galleries) and they have worked on magazines, art books/journals and festivals before.

We also work with online galleries, collectors and art professionals who help us get more accurate information and also boost us to have an ability to provide us with a marketing opportunity or online advertisement partners. 

martineperret.com is also made of a team of researchers, writers and editors who are very passionate about making the content easy to read and comprehend for the reader.

Editorial guidelines

I can assure you that the content presented on the website is very well researched before it is presented to you. you can trust us to give you non biased and original information involved with art. Fundamentally, I aim to provide you with the most recent information about some of the most important art information, designs, culture and news from different parts of the world daily.